2_4_him_pic“Two-4-Him” and Friends is a ministry of music and witness that has grown out of a love for God and the special gifts of its founders Mary Caldwell and Carol Himmel. The two have been singing together and blessing others for many years as part of the ministry of the Mason City United Methodist Church. They sing a wide variety of gospel and thematic music with a beautiful blend of harmony and a clear message and witness for Jesus Christ. Experience the JOY!

While both are actively involved in the Music and Ministry of the Mason City United Methodist Church on Sunday Mornings, “Two-4-Him” does accepts engagements to come and minister through song and witness at a wide variety of church and civic functions.

If you would be interested in talking to them about coming for your event, you may contact Mary Caldwell at (217) 737-6522 or Carol Himmel at (217) 971-9701 or
e-mail Carol at chimmel@casscomm.com.